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Men's Club Basketball

First UGA Men's Club Basketball Team. This organization consists of the club team that competes in the National Club Basketball Association against other collegiate club teams across the southern region and across the nation.

Tea Club

Tea Club provides a tranquil and relaxing atmosphere for members to socialize and consume delicious tea and pastries while escaping from school and work responsibilities for a few hours.

109 World UGA (109)

109 World UGA aims to empower and enable UGA students to make a positive impact on their community and the world through volunteerism, fund raising, and social mission trips. If you are a student who wants to help and doesn't know how, 109 is your club.


This organization works directly with the non-profit organization, Edesia Nutrition, by raising funds and awareness for the global epidemic of malnutrition. This organization supports the mission of Edesia to end malnutrition for good.

5 Rivers Club at UGA (5 Rivers)

5 Rivers Club UGA aims to bring together students interested in fishing and provides an into to fly fishing as well as participating in volunteer stream conservation activities on the members' home waters. We also take fishing trips around the southeast.

7Cups at UGA (7Cups)

7Cups at UGA is a student-led mental health awareness and support group that works to provide peer support through the online 7Cups system.

A Date to Remember (ADR)

ADR is a dating service club that plans romantic dates for couples around campus. The dates include entertainment, food, and other great surprises.

Abeneefoo Kuo Honor Society (ABK Honor Society)

The purpose of ABK is to encourage students to pursue excellence in all areas through scholarship, service to the community, and leadership potential.

Academic Bowl Outreach at UGA (ABO at UGA)

Academic Bowl Outreach's primary goal is to encourage interest in education among children in the Athens area through academic bowl programs and game-based learning.

Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy (AMCP)

We are focused on providing information about careers outside of the traditional retail or hospital environment through speakers and networking events.

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