Freshman Programs Application

Make the most of your freshman year at UGA. Apply for Freshman Programs!

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Welcome to UGA, Class of 2021! At the end of your first year at the University of Georgia, don't let "I wish I had gotten more involved on campus" or "I wish I had met more people" be your regrets. Join a Student Government Association Freshman Program- three groups of driven, diverse and dedicated first years like yourself who work to make a real impact on their campus and enhance their first-year experience. Each program is led by accomplished UGA students who serve as directors and mentors to you throughout the year. You will form friendships that will extend past your four years of college. You will learn your strengths and become a more confident and passionate leader. FP alumni also go on to fill leadership roles in just about every organization at UGA, and projects accomplished by members of Freshman Programs continue to affect UGA for years to come.


Incoming freshmen can access the application under the "forms" tab.

Posted by Katherine Twomey on June 27, 2016